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The benefits of keeping NDR data current

Posted: 18 April 2013

GeoPlace has released a new paper "An exploration of the best process for keeping Non-Domestic Rates data up to date and the potential benefits" which explores some of the drivers behind why it is crucial for every local authority to aim to have a high link rate as possible between their address data held in the NLPG and NDR data.

It also examines policy developments including the Local Government resource review and local revenues in terms of the business rates retention scheme in England. While there are some common issues associated with the links between address data and the NDR there are also several ways available to try to overcome these issues.

The paper explores

  • Why maintaining the data is important
  • Common problems and issues
  • Potential solutions
  • And concludes with case studies from two local authorities who have identified benefits in the management of data and implemented new working practices to manage the data more effectively

View a Case Study here

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