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BLPU co-ordinates improvement work

Posted: 14 February 2014

GeoPlace have been analysing where the Basic Land and Property Unit (BLPU) co-ordinate is outside of a building TOID.
The results of this analysis are being sent to local authorities for review.
Improvements to the BLPU Co-ordinates will have the following benefits:
  • It will greatly enhance data consistency across the product range
  • Supports Buildings based applications of the data. For example Flood Risk management
  • Improves the general perception of the data and promotes national consistency
  • Supports migration for users of AL2 and AddressPoint to using UPRNs through AddressBase.
  • Assists the synchronisation of the AddressBase products with MasterMap® Topographic layers.
In order to take this forward, GeoPlace have been working closely with ACE; the Data Entry Conventions Working Group, the Improvement Schedule Working Group and the Regional Chairs Address Group. Two consultations have been held.
There will be a one off exercise on legacy data as well as regular update files with each release of MasterMap which should provide Custodians the following benefits
  • It will make it easier to pick up changes to MasterMap.
  • Provide intelligence on when buildings have been surveyed.
  • It will also assist with realigning BLPU points with MM in areas where PAI has taken place.
In order to make it as simple as possible for the changes to be made GeoPlace will offer a service to provide a change only update file in DTF 7.3 format for authorities to bulk load changes. Further questions
If you have any general questions, please contact the Helpdesk in the first instance [email protected]
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