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Know your Flat A from your Garden Basement Flat!

Posted: 02 March 2015

GeoPlace's Head of Data Consultancy Team, Nick Griffiths will present a workshop at the GeoBusiness event at 2pm, Room F on Wednesday 27th May at The Business Design Centre in Islington.

GeoPlace is one of the UK's foremost managers of complex address-based national spatial datasets. We manage the National Address Gazetteer of over 40 million records â analysing and synchronising 2,599,000 changes and carrying out a total of 3,440 data validation checks every 6 weeks. We work with hundreds of stakeholders across the country on a daily basis to derive an increase in data quality and classify data through its entire life cycle, from plot to postal to demolition.
As well as building and managing the National Address Gazetteer, GeoPlace has audited, cleaned, analysed and matched hundreds of millions of records from the public and private sectors ranging from small local datasets to nationwide taxation, census, customer records, licensing and command and control systems.
At the workshop, Nick will demonstrate how an enterprise approach to address management and practices such as data audits and compliance with data standards enforces quality, enabling organisations to derive greater worth from their data holdings. Using case studies, Nick will present examples of how inconsistent data management results in lost revenue and poorer service provision and how enforcing data quality optimises the long term value of data assets.
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