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GeoPlace has developed an INSPIRE compliant view service to publish data from the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) as part of the INSPIRE Transport theme. Through this publishing service local authorities will meet the INSPIRE publishing requirements for the transport theme.

Working on behalf of all local highways authorities under the Data Co-operation Agreement, GeoPlace has launched a web service to transform the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) to be compliant for the INSPIRE Transport Network theme.


INSPIRE harmonised transport network web service

The Transport Network theme includes road, rail, air and water transport networks together with related infrastructure and links between different networks. The NSG is a national compilation of individual English and Welsh local authority street datasets representing a range of street network and related information such as street name and location details, street geometry and a range of Additional Street Data and falls squarely under the view and download requirements of INSPIRE.

GeoPlace has provided a Web Map Service (WMS) for viewing and a Web Feature Service (WFS) for downloading data. A user makes a request to view or download data via a web mapping service or GIS application. An image of the street network is served up allowing an overlay within the user's own data. Access to the service is via a secure login for registered NSG users only available at

The central provision by GeoPlace of view and download web services removes the need for individual local authorities to publish data separately, providing the sector with substantial savings This is one of the first services in the UK to release data for the Transport theme and GeoPlace plans to expand the service with more queries in the future.