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Permit schemes


Permit schemes provide highway authorities with the means to better manage and coordinate activities on their road network, to minimise inconvenience and prevent disruption to road users.  NSG data is essential to this process as it defines and underpins which streets require Permits and which do not, data must be accurate therefore much work must go and has gone into refreshing NSG data to ensure it is current for Permit schemes.

It is extremely important to consult and develop workable and efficient Permit schemes, and ensure strong collaboration between local authorities and statutory undertakers.

Joint guidance has been released by JAG (UK) and GeoPlace, for Authority Street Custodians to understand the requirements in preparing their authorities' Local Street Gazetteers for implementation of a permit scheme.  This guidance has recently been updated following feedback from active schemes and is available here: Permit schemes preparation document

The Secretary of State for Transport has removed the requirement for notification of permit schemes to be sent to the Department for Transport. The DfT have however produced an advice note on developing new permit schemes which is available here: developing and varying Permit Schemes.   This does now make it even more vital you inform GeoPlace when you are planning to implement a permit scheme.  In particular, updating the LSG and ETON 6 OD files are vital for implementation.  Do contact the Helpdesk to discuss further.

With the introduction of permit schemes the processes that are undertaken in authorities are significantly more robust, organised and will provide better relationships across the utilities sector.

A noteworthy case study is from Leeds (read it here), who successfully implemented a permit scheme. The case study explores the benefits and methods they employed for this.

With NSG data playing a vital role in the successful implementation of Permit Schemes GeoPlace In collaboration with JAG(UK), have also provided guidance on how to undertake a Traffic Sensitive review within a Local Highway Authority and this has been made available at the following location:

GeoPlace and JAG(UK) permit scheme implementation service

The Joint Authorities Group (JAG(UK)) works on behalf of local authorities to promote excellence in road network and traffic management right across the UK.

With the support of GeoPlace, the NSG, and other partners, JAG(UK) has put together a comprehensive package to help you prepare, consult on and implement a permit scheme for your authority.

Our service will enable and support your forward strategic planning, leading to smarter network management.

Implementing a new permit scheme can be a daunting task, but with experience, both good and bad, from authorities that have already implemented schemes, it is possible to get it right first time.

One of the most important aspects of a successful implementation is preparation. Ensuring your data is complete and current, and understanding how your authority works currently under noticing makes the implementation of any scheme a much easier and straight forward task.

For more information see here.