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HAUC initiative to monitor street works performance: the quality national performance scorecard

HAUC (UK)'s project to produce a quarterly performance scorecard to provide evidence base data has developed well. Indicator data is extracted and sent to GeoPlace for analysis from information routinely input to the local authorities' street works management systems.

The scorecards are not meant to be a league table, but a tool to identify key issues and improvements that can be made in the industry.  In quarter 1 2014/15, 98 authorities submitted data to the GeoPlace, more than have ever been submitted previously, enabling better and more statistically applicable data to be gleaned about street data in the UK.

The more data that becomes available, the more evidence there will be for the sector to drive improvements, for the benefit of road users, citizens, local authorities and utilities. Therefore the big push is that over the next two quarters is to get data submitted to the hub.

You can see more information about the scorecard iniaitive in the document 'Performance matters: analysing work on the road network' and details of the HAUC initiative.

Your data should be easily extracted from your street works system and then sent to GeoPlace. The structure the data needs to be submitted to the hub is described in the Scorecard Compliance Check Specification.

To submit your data and receive a scorecard please email your data to [email protected]

Once submitted the data will be incorporated into national stats to contribute to the national scorecard. You will also receive your own scorecard for your information, an example of which can be seen below.


Sample scorecard: