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Participate in the day, interact with attendees and promote your business

Sponsors have always come to HAUC(UK) annual Convention to network, talk to customers, connect with potential new customers and to hear from experts about the direction the industry is going.

At the Convention this year, sponsors will have the opportunity to:

  • attend the conference
  • meet with attendees

Find out more about the benefits of sponsorship.

Find about more about the audience.

Being part of the Convention will give you:

  • Audience insights to existing and potential future customers
  • Lead generation
  • Social media/website traffic/focused content strategy
  • Opportunities for sales closes with warm prospects
  • Highlighting a product or service offering
  • Brand building
  • Enhanced relationships with partners and customers. Reassurance to customers that you care enough about the industry to participate in the industry event
  • Advantage over absentee rivals
  • Direct face time with prospects
  • Opportunity to reconnect with existing customers
  • Increased credibility as a brand, via attendance at the event, social media support and your profile on the Convention website
  • Leads for post-event interactions
  • In-house knowledge and resources
  • CPD and knowledge building for staff.

HAUC(UK) Convention

Sponsorship packages

Six different sponsorship packages available for 2022

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HAUC Convention

Who's coming to HAUC 2022

The HAUC(UK) Convention brings sponsors together with delegates

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HAUC(UK) Convention

Networking at the HAUC(UK) Convention

This year’s HAUC(UK) Convention will be held online on a platform build especially for the Convention, designed to enable live streaming, chat and networking between sponsors, attendees and speakers.

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HAUC(UK) Convention

Book your space

Our online conferences are reaching even more people, with increased numbers of delegates. Book your space and come and meet them.

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HAUC(UK) Convention

Who's sponsoring

Meet the sponsors who make the event possible.

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HAUC(UK) Convention 2021

Agenda 2021 and on-demand Playback Access

Facing Change Together - The Convention highlighted the need to be agile and how the industry will have to adapt to change

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