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The awards recognise the outstanding achievements of local authorities, local partnerships, police forces and fire and rescue services, in the creation, maintenance and utilisation of the National Land & Property Gazetteer (NLPG) and the National Street Gazetteer (NSG).

The NLPG and NSG are created and maintained on a daily basis by local government. The NLPG is used by local government, fire and rescue services, police forces and others to link their information and systems to improve services, boost efficiency and reduce costs. The NSG is the composite street index for the whole of England and Wales. It is used by local government and those organisations that work on or around highways, for co-ordinating street works and managing the road network.

See the full list of Award winners

Download the Award winners write up

See www.flickr.com/photos/gaylegander for photos of the Award winners and from the conference and exhibition.

Case studies from the 2010 Awards can be seen here.

Citizen Award

Winner: West Oxfordshire District Council

The Citizen Award is intended to capture projects where better services have been delivered to citizens or businesses using the NLPG or the NSG.

Financial Award

Winner: London Borough of Harrow

This award intends to capture projects which can demonstrate real financial savings through the use of the NLPG or the NSG.

Green Award

Winner: London Borough of Harrow

This award aims to capture the range of examples where the NLPG or NSG has been used for greener outcomes.

Projects should have either reduced environmental impact or increased greener outcomes.

Integration Award

Winner: Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service

This award seeks to recognise those who are able to show how the NLPG or the NSG is linked to all other council services, or local partnerships and the benefits of these linkages.

Technology Award

Winner: London Borough of Harrow

This award is looking for innovative examples of the application of technology using the NLPG or the NSG.

This category could include projects using open source software; creating mash ups or other technological solutions.

Naming Award

Winner: Plymouth City Council

This award is given to the candidate who the judges feel has the most innovative example of street naming which is relevant both to local history and geographical context.

Overall Exemplar Award

Winner: West Oxfordshire District Council

This was voted on by the audience at the conference following presentations by each of the above category winners.

Presentation of the 2010 NLPG NSG Exemplar Awards

Extract of speech from Michael Nicholson, Managing Director of Intelligent Addressing and co-sponsor, alongside LGIH, of the NLPG NSG Exemplar Awards. The Awards were presented by Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed, Cabinet Member for Communities, Sheffield City Council with responsibility for parks and woodland, waste management as well as environmental services.

The Awards are about really about three things;

  • firstly to recognise the very hard work of LLPG Custodians and LSG Custodians across England and Wales, sometimes under difficult conditions. Perhaps in the face of a lack of resources or recognition.
  • secondly to reward success and best practice.
  • thirdly to publicise the value of what is being done by the local government community for the local government and wider community and, above all, the citizens they serve.

So we are here today to pay tribute to your professionalism. This year we have restructured the Awards to make them more meaningful in helping to explain the benefits of the gazetteers, and they have attracted many, many entries.

I would like to start by thanking all those who made an entry - for the time and effort they gave to it - and also to thank all the judges who gave their time to analysing and scoring them:

  • Simon Barlow - NLPG Custodian
  • Simon Bailey - NSG Custodian
  • Steve Brandwood - IDeA
  • Zoë Britt - Communications and Research Consultant, Local Government Improved and Development
  • Andy Coote - Chair AGI and Director of Consulting Where
  • Martin Ferguson - Head of Policy, SOCITM
  • Gayle Gander - Head of Marketing, Intelligent Addressing
  • Robin Waters - GIS Professional features and Independent Consultant
  • Gesche Schmid - Function Lead Geographic Information Policy, Local Government Association

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