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Reducing emergency service response times

In Wales, evidence showed us that for every four calls from the public, the emergency services were making three more calls to colleagues in other control rooms. Every time the message had to be passed on, the risk of errors increased.

The Multi-Agency Incidence Transfer (MAIT) standard solves this problem.MAIT is a structure for the data elements that those teams (or organisations) want to share, with the UPRN as the common identifier.

The project has demonstrated that the UPRN, when used as a key reference identifier, facilitates effective and efficient public service information sharing resulting in tangible service provider benefits that ultimately lead to better outcomes for citizens.

By using the MAIT standards, response times went down from four minutes per call to 16 seconds. At the same time, overall accuracy in addressing data improved by 20%.

GeoPlace worked closely with the Joint Emergency Services Group (Wales) (JESG) as a trusted advisor on best use of the UPRN and its integration into systems.

Read the full case study here:


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Richard Duffield

Head of Customer Insight

Richard is responsible for defining and delivering the vision for insight led decision making within GeoPlace. Leading the Customer Insights team, we work with users, colleagues, and partners to ensure our strategy, roadmap and solutions meet your needs.

Richard has been integral in driving forward the quality and use of address and street data in Great Britain for the last 15 years. Bringing together broad sector knowledge, strong relationships and expertise gained by delivering national location data infrastructure projects. Richard was responsible for delivering the National Address Gazetteer, the first UK-wide spatial address dataset.

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