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What our clients say

"We have always maintained that Multi Agency Information Transfer (MAIT) in Wales utilises the UPRN as the key unique identifier. Information sharing using the UPRN is now in operation with the majority of Welsh Emergency Services and we are currently testing a similar approach in the exchange of data between Social Services and Emergency Services for example to undertake free Home Fire Safety Checks for vulnerable adults. We could not have achieved what we have, without the support and assistance from GeoPlace.

This support has been provided at every level within GeoPlace, supporting us at strategic discussions with our central government colleagues, allowing us to participate in the Regional Workshops, to more recently successfully undertaking a considerable amount of data matching of Emergency Service and Unitary Authority data in what appeared [to us] to be impossible deadlines.

My role has increasingly involved the Emergency Services in England and I am confident that within the near future, the use of the UPRN to underpin Emergency Service Command and Control Systems and as the unique identifier for wider public service information sharing, will be the norm not the exception. GeoPlace will be instrumental in achieving this."

Tony Bracey
Joint Emergency Services Group (Wales)


Our new OS MasterMap Highways Network required a different production workflow, one that needed us to bring together data from a variety of authoritative sources from all sectors of the highways community.

By tapping into GeoPlace's unique relationship with every local authority in England and Wales, and the wider highway management community, we were delighted to partner with Geoplace in our product development. Benefitting from years of knowledge and experience, the Geoplace team helped us save crucial time in the understanding, formation and the development of the workflow that sits behind our production processes. Furthermore, we have established a collaborative production environment that can be built upon in the future.

The team at GeoPlace worked closely with us to assist in the development of data requirements, the data specification, and the long term product roadmap. Their collaborative approach and support throughout the life cycle of the project, coupled with their industry knowledge and expertise of the community has been instrumental to ensuring the future success of the product.

David Henderson, Director of Products and Innovation
Ordnance Survey


"As an Authority Address Custodian, GeoPlace is an organisation with whom I have regular contact.  
Whether by email, telephone, during meetings or by using their website, I have found my contact with them to be extremely professional.  
Their knowledge of addressing and streets is always of a high standard.  
Customer service is obviously very important to GeoPlace, which has always been my experience as a Custodian, Regional Chair or member of the Data Entry Conventions Group.  
If an immediate resolution to my question, request for support or help isn't immediate available, they have always responded with minimum delay."

David Lloyd | Local Land & Property Gazetteer Manager
Information Management Division | Huntingdonshire District Council