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New Award

Britain's Most Fantastic Address Award

Supported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), GeoPlace has announced a new category in its annual Awards scheme; the Award for Britain's Most Fantastic Address.

We're looking for the addresses that baffle or bemuse, that have fractions or decimal places - where the same house has several addresses - or has changed name six times. The addresses that make it difficult to find a property or identify a household within a communal establishment. Properties that have been subdivided and ended up with non-rational numbers.  Addresses that are designed to confuse or situated on crazily named streets or localities, or just make you laugh out loud.

Think of this as a safe place to share your joys and frustrations - the addresses you love or hate having on your patch. 

There is of course a serious side to this. Addresses have become so commonly used and accepted that people assume that they are easy to locate. 

Addresses play a vital role in communities, allowing people to find one another and enable a whole range of services to be delivered from the cradle to the grave.  Most transactions, provided by thousands of different organisations, include an address – from registering to vote, collection of waste, delivery of social care, payment of taxes, connection of utility services, quotation for insurance, delivery of packages, allocation of school places and most crucially responding to emergency situations where time really can be a matter of life or death.

But addressing is hard.  Street Naming and Numbering Officers and Address and Street Custodians work incredibly hard to maintain a national data infrastructure of address and street data, dealing with members of the public, developers, businesses, planners and historical troublesome addresses.

ONS have a fundamental interest in addressing. The census is one of the most comprehensive national applications of addressing and needs a complete, accurately classified address list. 

For the next census, ONS will be using AddressBase Premium and will be working closely with councils and GeoPlace to ensure that it meets census requirements in terms of quality and coverage; effectively underpinning census enumeration and outputs, as well as local government funding.

ONS want to work with councils and GeoPlace to:

  • help check classifications

  • identify communals and communal structures and HMOs

  • identify HMOs

  • make sure that it can make the best use of local knowledge and information.

ONS will be joining us at the GeoPlace annual conference on 10th May to discuss the best ways of working together on this.

This Award will highlight just how ridiculous, preposterous, improbable, outlandish, implausible, incredible, unbelievable, weird, fantastic and troublesome addressing can be. And why it's really hard work to make best use of all available data to enhance the provision of population statistics.

Entry form for Britain's Most Fantastic Address Award

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