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GeoPlace’s Data Insights Team analysed the spread of UPRNs and postcodes within England, Scotland and Wales to understand:

  • Number of records
  • Spatial relationship of records
  • Distribution of records

The analysis was taken at a national level for England, Scotland and Wales, using predominantly the same method, although for England there was a slight variation to obtain the average distance to centroid. In this case, the analysis was undertaken at 9 regional levels and then an average of the averages taken due to processing power needed.


  • Review UPRNs and distance to centroid of postcode
  • Remove those UPRNs not in the same polygon spatially – for a variety of reasons
  • Exclude multipart polygons from analysis as skew the results
  • Exclude vertical streets

The resulting analysis demonstrated that UPRNs offer more granular and accurate analysis than postcodes.

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Get to the point - England

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Get to the point - Wales

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