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Step 6 - Discover additional resources

There are three resource areas on the GeoPlace website for Address and Street Custodians, full of useful information to show how important Custodians and the gazetteers are:

Here are some resources that we think are particularly useful:

Case studies

We have a dedicated case study section on the website with hundreds of case studies that have been collected over the past 15 years.




Government Minister

Socitm Location Intelligence videos

Socitm has produced a series of five videos explaining how new location data sources and big data analysis are key to digital transformation in local government and the public sector.  GeoPlace has received permission from Socitm to provide access to our community to these videos.


This series of videos and associated material has been produced by Socitm in conjunction with ConsultingWhere, a leading organisation in the field of maximising the value of location information. ConsultingWhere works in conjunction with Socitm Advisory to offer consulting, research and training services.

  1. An introduction to Location Intelligence, a new dimension in predictive analysis (01:39)

  2. Enabling Technology, the technology that's enabling location intelligence (03:37)

  3. Case Studies, where location intelligence is transforming public services (04:42) - in association with GeoPlace

  4. The Business Case, how you can make your case for location intelligence (04:14)

  5. Realising the benefits of Location Intelligence, next Steps (05:13) - in association with GeoPlace