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ABICS (AddressBase Incremental Change Service)
Following the withdrawal of the National Land and Property Gazetteer on 31 October 2014, various public sector bodies were licensed to continue to receive daily, weekly or monthly updates, in DTF format, of certain elements of AddressBase Premium which were equivalent to the National Land and Property Gazetteer data received prior to such date; this is known as the AddressBase Incremental Change Service, and this service remains available to those same bodies.
Access Road
A Street whose main function is to give access to properties rather than provide a through route.
ACI (Address Change Intelligence)

Generic term used to identify all address change created within a local authority which shall be captured within an LLPG (Local Land and Property Gazetteer) function to ensure the gazetteer is maintained as the single corporate address change intelligence resource for the DCA (Data Cooperation Agreement) Participating Authority.

Address Layer 2

Address Layer 2 (AL2) is a deprecated data set provided by Ordnance Survey. Address Layer 2 links any property address to its location on the map. It provides precise coordinates for more than 27 million residential and commercial properties in Great Britain. On 31 October 2014, formal notice of withdrawal was issued for Address Layer 2 and Address Layer.

Addressable Object

Object referenced by an address for inclusion in the LLPG (Local Land and Property Gazetteer). See also BS 7666-2:2006, page 1, section 3.1, for definition.

Alternative LPI

A number and / or name in common use but not approved by the SNN Authority for the LPI (Land and Property Identifier) associated with the BLPU (Basic Land and Property Unit). See also BS 7666-2:2006, page 12, section 7.5.3, table 7 for description.


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