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ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers)

 The ICE supports civil engineers and technicians by awarding professional qualifications, ensuring they work to high standards, and helping them to develop their careers. Its work also includes many other activities, from inspiring school students about civil engineering to influencing government investment in infrastructure.

IDeA (Improvement and Development Agency)

The body formed in 1998 as the Improvement and Development Agency for local government to work in partnership with all councils in England and Wales, to serve people and places better, to enhance the performance of the best local government authorities, accelerate the speed of improvement of the rest, and develop the sector as a whole.  The IDeA has been subsumed into the Local Government Association.

Improvement Schedules

The Authority Street Updates Improvement Schedule is designed to provide a framework for each Participating Authority to plan improvement to their address and/or street data over a financial year. Each financial year Quality Criteria Rating are consulted upon, reviewed and then appropriately set for the following year to reflect improvement. This process is undertaken with the agreement of the Regional Chairs Address and Street Groups and the Authority Contacts Executive. The objective of the Authority Street Updates Improvement Schedule is to improve the quality of address/street data year on year.

INSPIRE (Infrastructure and Spatial Data in Europe)

The INSPIRE Directive requires the Commission to establish a community geo-portal and the Member States shall provide access to their infrastructures through the geo-portal as well as through any access points they themselves decide to operate.

Internal Administrative Boundary

A parish or a ward boundary.

IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

Intellectual Property Rights means patents, trademarks, design rights (whether registrable or otherwise), applications for any of the foregoing, copyright, database rights, know how, topography rights, rights of confidence, trade or business names and other similar rights or obligations, whether registrable or not in any country.

IPROW (Institute of Public Rights of Way)

A professional body which represents over 300 individuals who are involved in the management of Public Rights of Way in England, Wales and Scotland

ISMS (Information Security Management Systems)

The governing principle behind an ISMS is that an organization should design, implement and maintain a coherent set of policies, processes and systems to manage risks to its information assets, thus ensuring acceptable levels of information security risk.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

ISO is an independent, non-governmental membership organization and the world's largest developer of voluntary International Standards.

ISWG (Improvement Schedule Working Group)

A technical working group made up of local authority Custodians who work together to produce proposals, content indicators and measures for annual improvement schedules.

ITN (Integrated Transport Network)

Part of the Ordnance Survey MasterMap suite of products. ITN shows the geometry of 550,000 km of motorways, roads and urban paths.


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