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Closed Street

A Street which no longer exists for the purposes of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991and which is closed in the LSG by the Authority Street Custodian.  A Street cannot be closed merely because it is no longer passable to traffic or has no BLPUs associated with it.  If highway rights remain on a Street then it is still open and those rights must be stopped up before the Street is considered to be closed.

New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

County Council

In the GeoPlace Data Entry Conventions, a County Council is a local authority that does not have an SNN (Street Naming and Numbering) Authority function but does have a Local Highway Authority function.

Cycle Route

Any designated marked or signed route for cyclists.  It may be any combination of Cycle Track, cycle lane or Cycle Way as well as other Roads or Paths with no specific provision for cycles.

Cycle Track

A highway for cyclists and pedestrians which is maintainable at public expense.

Cycle Way

Any Way designed for the use of cycles and from which other wheeled traffic is excluded.  The term does not imply the existence of public rights, although it is possible that they exist.


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