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HA1980 (Highways Act 1980)

An Act to consolidate the Highways Acts 1959 to 1971 and related enactments, with amendments to give effect to recommendations of the Law Commission.

HAPAS (Highway Authorities' Product Approval Scheme)

A nationally recognised approval scheme for products and systems used in highway works.

HAUC(UK) (Highways Authority and Utility Committee(UK))

HAUC(UK) brings highway authorities, utilities and government together with the aim of working safely and smartly to reduce the impact of street and road works.


A Record at the start of each COU or Full Supply transfer file.

Health Check

A set of conformance and data quality checks undertaken by GeoPlace and reported to the Authority Address and Street Custodian.

Heavy Commercial Vehicle

A legislative term for a Heavy Goods Vehicle.  A vehicle with a weight of over 7.5 tonnes.  See also Heavy Goods Vehicle.

Height, Width, Weight Designation

A record of the height, weight or width of a physical object associated with a street.

Height, Width, Weight Restriction

The specific type of restriction.

HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle)

HGV.  An HM Revenues and Customs taxation term for a vehicle with a weight of over 3.5 tonnes.  In everyday use, any heavy vehicle.  This term is not used in road traffic legislation.   See also Heavy Commercial Vehicle and Large Goods Vehicle.

Section 238 (4) of the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003.

High Amenity Footway

A footway which has a special surface and which is constructed and maintained to a high standard.

High Duty Footway

A footway designated as a principal route and used by an exceptionally large number of pedestrians or cyclists.

Highway Authority

Any authority responsible for a Highway to be Maintainable at Public Expense.  See also 'Local Highway Authority', 'National/Regional Highway Authority', and 'Highway to be Maintainable at Public Expense'.

Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Highways Act 1980.

Highway Dedication

Makes a street a highway and the description of who is allowed to use it.

Highway Maintainable at Public Expense

A Highway which existed before 31st August 1835 or which is adopted by the Highway Authority since that date.  Note: other Highways are maintained by public bodies which do not fall within this definition.

Section 36 of the Highways Act 1980.


Any Way over which there is a public right of passage.

Highways England

The new government company set up in 2015 and charged with driving forward motorways and major A roads. This includes modernising and maintaining the highways, as well as running the network and keeping traffic moving.

Historical BLPU (Historical Basic Land and Property Unit)

A record that has been marked by the Authority Address Custodian as a BLPU not considered existing as an Object.

See also BS 7666-2:2006, page 8, section 6.5.3, table 4 for description.

Historical LPI (Historical Land and Property Idendifier)

A record that has been marked by the Authority Address Custodian as an LPI that is considered not to be current.

See also BS 7666-2:2006, page 12, section 7.5.3, table 7 for description.

HMO (House in Multiple Occupation)

For full definition, see Appendix J of the DEC-Addresses, found in the Library of the GeoPlace website.

HRWG (Highways Records Working Group)
Highways Records Working Group

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