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TfL (Transport for London)

The authority responsible for London's overall transport network.

TMA (Traffic Management Act 2004)

An act which details Street works regulations.


An unsurfaced Street (except in Cycle Track, which has a specific legal meaning and has no connotation about the nature of the surface).

A Record at the end of each COU or Full Supply transfer file.
Transport Authority Critial Apparatus

Facilities located in the Street for use by the Transport Authority.

Transport Authority

The authority, body or person having the control or management of a transport undertaking. See Section 91(1A) of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

TRO (Traffic Regulation Order)

A legal instrument by which traffic management controls are implemented. Road Traffic Regulation Act 1994.

TRSG (Trunk Roads Street Gazetteer)

A gazetteer produced by Highways England parallel to the NSG.

Trunk Road

A Street designated as such by the DfT. Usually a major arterial route. Trunk Roads Act 1936.

TSS (Traffic Sensitive Street)

A Street which is designated as critical to the flow of traffic in the area.  This designation is for the purposes of Street works. Section 64 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.


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