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MAN (Mandatory)
A Field which must be completed.

Statement made by data provider of content or quality of data.


A Street with a Tarred or other Manmade surface such as concrete, stone or gravel.

Mini Roundabout

A type or form of junction control at which vehicles circulate around a white reflectorized central circular road marking (central island) of between 1 and 4 metres in diameter.

Mini roundabouts good practice guide published by the DfT and County Surveyors Society.  For full details see https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mini-roundabouts (accessed October 2015).


The most common type of Special Road which is restricted to two classes of vehicles.  See also Special Road.

See Schedule 4, classes I & II of the Highways Act 1980.

MRN (Major Road Network)
There is a proposal to develop a compilation of major local authority roads with the Strategic Road Network (SRN) to create a Major Road Network.

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